How do you make online marketing relevant and engaging to a cynical and largely off-line audience? That was the challenge facing the e-marketing department of global science-based company, Royal DSM. DSM’s E-vangelist internal awareness initiative gave us the opportunity to push the power of creativity to win hearts and minds. Working with the e-business team and Nomad Communication, we developed a beautifully illustrated printed book – and supporting microsite – to highlight how digital channels could open up business opportunities and partnerships. Now, everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet. 

“de Ville has done outstanding work for us for more than ten years now, working with B2B clients from technology and life sciences to government. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to create original design and brand concepts that work on a practical, business level. Their work on the E-vangelists project had an enormous impact. Very, very highly recommended.”
Damon Crane, Managing Partner, Nomad Communications

“Thank you so much for all the creative energy you put into this beautiful book. It is being well received here at DSM.”
Marc God, Director e-business, DSM Marketing Office